“His expertise and commitment to coming up with a breakthrough design for the wall, with the use of visual illusions was an inspiring first…”

Poh Wee Koon, LinkedIn recommendation, 12 September 2011, Singapore

"Daryl constantly pushes himself to experiment w mix media, creating unique pieces of art that are not just beautiful but also thought-provoking."

"Straight From The Art," Channel Okto, 27th November 2012, 10:00pm, Singapore

"Daryl is one who embraces the Zeitgeist."

Darren Chua, quoted in ROMP Magazine, September 2012, Singapore 

"Daryl is a great person to work with. He is a great artist. He is very affable and is very hardworking."

Kelly Teoh, Owner of Brush Gallery, quoted in "Straight From The Art," Channel Okto, 2012, Singapore 

"In the era of the digital native, physical exhibitions and working spaces may well lose their essential cachet, with entire fields of technically-oriented practices open to anyone with a cheap netback and net connection - a trend evident, perhaps, in the (inter)active installations of Daryl Goh."

Bruce Quek, quoted in Pulse Exhibition (Maya Gallery), "Diastole", 2012, Singapore

“Daryl is one of the most talented artists that I have ever known…”

Miki Lai, LinkedIn recommendation, 20 June 2013, Hong Kong 

"Working with a multidisciplinary artist Daryl Goh was eye opening. His global insight and experience helped us when we wanted to formulate ideas into action."

Joezer Liu, quoted in "SUM > Parts: When Artists Meet The Public", Singapore Contemporary Young Artists, 2014, Singapore 

"..artistic merit of the master artist Daryl Goh for its high artistic value and its relevance stylistic."

Ea Editore, translated from Artists Carrousel Du Louvre 2014, Ea Editore, 2014, Paris

“Daryl’s concept/art pieces & working style left a deep impression on me.”

Mei Ying Ng, LinkedIn recommendation, 28 May 2015, Singapore 

"The Master creates a new geometry. A signic geometry that goes beyond the common representation."

Salvatore Russo, quoted from Critics Award, OverArt Magazine, September 2015, Edinburgh 

"Goh has built up a group of collectors from financial circles. At the moment, he is organizing a program to provide artists with studios in an old printworks."

Ulf Lippitz, quoted from Kunst auf Kommando, Lufthansa Magazine, November 2015, Germany

"The works of Daryl Goh are appreciated for their inventiveness and for the dynamic use and brilliant color. His work is the triumph of the philosophy of art, in which the work assumes a cathartic, spiritual force, not merely for aesthetic pleasure, linked to enjoy the moment."

Salvatore Russo, quoted from THE BEST Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS 2015, December 2015, Italy 

"As a fashion retailer, Club 21 is proud to support the creative arts, which are vital to a vibrant society and modern economy. We celebrate and share Goh's personal passion and commitment to the community at large."

Mr Goh Ee Leong, Club 21 Regional General Manager, quoted from Singapore Tatler, 29 December 2015, Singapore

"Your Participation to this prestigious international event, gives to your eminent person. The maximum honors. We congratulate for the quality of your artistic work"

Sandro Serradifalco, President Ass. Socio Culturale EA, quoted from Gran Prix Louvre, 21 October 2016, Paris

"Goh has pursued business-minded innovations outside the studio, like the projection-mapped retail space, Installation Lucid, and Singapore's first and only free artist residency program, NPE Art Residency"

Jennifer Park, quoted from RMIT University News, 4 May 2017, Melbourne

"The residency itself was founded by Singaporean art mastermind Daryl Goh"

Nicola Anthony, quoted from Artitute, 19 June 2017, Asia

"Daryl Goh, an award-winning projection artist who turned to Epson's sleek-looking LightScene..."

Stephanie Lee, quoted from Epson News, 12 December 2018, Singapore

“It was only when we were introduced to Daryl Goh that the Art Residency program was germinated… we are absolutely amazed how the program has grown to be what it is today.”

Francis Chia, LinkedIn recommendation, 31 December 2018, Singapore

“Impressed by Daryl’s artistic vision in creating new and bold multi-disciplinary performances…”

Adrienna Keon, LinkedIn recommendation, 31 December 2018, Singapore

"Daryl Goh is an award-winning art consultant and projection artist."

Paddy Ong, quoted from Art X Public Spaces, 5 January 2019, Singapore

“Despite his numerous achievements, Daryl remains down to earth, humble and passionate… Daryl is a wonderful advisor to any business…”

Daniel Tan, LinkedIn recommendation, 1 March 2019, Singapore

“…one of the most talented artists… he remains down to earth, humble and very much in touch with 'the real world'. Daryl is a great advisor to any corporation requiring an artistic direction while still speaking humanese. He's an excellent bridge between commercial KPIs and artistic requirements.”

Edwin Siew, LinkedIn recommendation, 25 March 2019, Singapore

“Daryl Goh is a trusted curator, lecturer and art writer”

Frederique Stref, 93.8FM, 29 May 2019, Singapore