Deniably Real

Deniably Real is an interactive sculpture that comments on our perception of a window, and how it acts as a mediator between reality and representation. The blinds in the screens interact with the viewer by simulating how light would be filtered through them as the viewer opens and closes the window panels.


Commissioned by Verve Arts Festival 2013 in collaboration with Joel Yuen.


Through representing different frames of art movements with projections, Meta explores the semiotics of frames in relation to an image.

Irresolute Framework

Irresolute Framework

Irresolute Framework is an exploration of light and negative spaces.

Anamorphic Grains

Anamorphic Grains questions our perception of material through projections.

Tilt Shift Installation

Tilt Shift Installation

Tilt Shift was a commission by the National Arts Council (Singapore) for the Noise Singapore Alumni Exhibition in 2015.

KOH Lamps Installation

A commission by KOH Concepts for their official launch of the Koh Lamp. This installation features 2 of the Koh Lamps integrated with a video projection. It simulates the canister as a receptacle of water and light.